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A Technical Assessment for SoliBlade !

April 2024

IMMOBLADE has reached a major milestone for its SoliBlade product, obtaining a Document Technique d'Application (DTA), issued by the Commission Chargée de Formuler les Avis Techniques (CCFAT).

SoliBlade is a patented, passive, seasonal solar shading product integrated into glazing.

This DTA covers all of mainland France, all facade orientations and a wide variety of glazing compositions. This DTA awarded to IMMOBLADE also has the particularity of validating the integration of double glazing on a multiplicity of industrial sites, those of our glass processor partners Auvergne Isolation (Saint Gobain), COPROVER and Macocco Midi.

To obtain this certification, IMMOBLADE carried out numerous tests, notably on the durability and performance of the glazing.

Our warmest thanks go to our partners: 

  • Nobatek Inef4 for its support in preparing the tests and the dossier.

  • Auvergne Isolation, COPROVER and Macocco Midi, glassmakers and industrial partners.

  • The CSTB for its rigorous appraisal of our dossier.

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Performance tests

With the help of Nobatek Inef4, an applied research center, SoliBlade was evaluated on a test bench and subjected to a performance assessment to estimate solar factor and light transmission.


The evaluation was carried out for 8 climatic zones, 4 glazing compositions and 16 facade orientations. A total of 512 cases were studied, covering all of mainland France. The CSTB has validated this performance brochure, so IMMOBLADE is able to respond easily to every need in France, and to provide a performance report for every project.

Durability tests

For this DTA, SoliBlade has passed numerous tests designed to assess its durability. These include : 

  • WOM (Weather-O-Meter) test: the glazing was subjected to the equivalent of 4,000 hours of weathering, including UV exposure; 

  • "168-cycle" thermal cycling test: the glazing was exposed to extreme temperatures, hot (+55°C) then cold (-15°C), with UV. This cycle was repeated 168 times.

  • Adhesive thermal test 10,000 minutes: carried out in the hot state with a load 5 times greater than the maximum load;

  • Mechanical tests, wind 10,000 cycles: tests of 10,000 cycles of pressure rise and fall (from 120 to 320 Pa) simulating wind resistance.

  • Simulation validation of the maximum temperature supported by the glazing and the absence of any risk of thermal breakage for the entire brochure.

These tests were successfully carried out and validated by CSTB. They enabled us to assess the conditions of application of solar control glazing.

Technical Notice and Technical Application Document: definition

The Avis Technique (ATec) and the Document Technique d'Application (DTA) provide all those involved in construction with an assessment of the use of an innovative, non-traditional product, process or equipment (not mentioned in the NF DTU) in a specific context. Unlike the ATec, the DTA covers products eligible for CE marking.

The approval process is managed by a committee of experts from the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB). The duration of these documents varies from 2 to 7 years, depending on the decision.

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