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SoliArt, solar control screen-printed glazing

Bioclimatic glazing: controlled solar gain all year round

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SoliArt is an exterior laminated double-glazed solar protection unit. We integrate a customized pattern of silk-screened striations on faces 2 and 4 to optimize solar protection.


The layout of the screen-printed solar protection patterns is calculated individually for each project using a patented algorithm developed by IMMOBLADE and validated by the CSTB.


This screen-printed solar control glazing can be fitted with additional features, notably to enhance soundproofing or burglar-proofing performance.

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Deal effectively with overheating in your buildings

The patterns screen-printed on the glass are predefined according to the building to optimize solar protection in summer while maximizing solar gain in winter. This product is similar to solar control glazing.


IMMOBLADE provides you with a customized performance report calculated for each project, which can be integrated into dynamic thermal simulation.

These indicators vary throughout the year, and differ for each project and each facade.

IMMOBLADE carries out studies for each building and provides you with a performance report tailored to your project. Contact us to study yours.

As each solar glass unit is tailor-made to suit the location of the building and the exposure of the facade to be fitted, performance will vary from project to project.

Are you a thermal consulting engineer?

You can carry out a simulation on your own and request an estimate via our web application.

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Several glass compositions available

SoliArt is a solar-control glazing suitable for both new-build and renovation projects.


SoliArt can be installed in double glazing to enhance the building's solar protection. As the screen-printed motif is applied to laminated glass, glazing compositions necessarily include a laminated section.

For any other composition, please contact us. Our experts will study your project.

Need to change only the double glazing?

IMMOBLADE can assess the condition of your windows, and suggest solar control glazing suited to them.

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