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Solar protection glazing

passive and seasonal

To meet the thermal challenges of buildings, IMMOBLADE has developed solar protection glazing solutions that require neither maintenance nor energy to operate.


These solutions are alternatives to Adjustaable sunshade-type external solar protection.

Sunshade operation

IMMOBLADE's expertise is based on its knowledge of the sun's path: it's always the same, but changes with the seasons. That's why our experts have developed a patented algorithm to optimize a building's solar gain for a specific location and facade orientation.


IMMOBLADE's solar control glazing uses fixed, customized solar protection screens integrated into the glazing to block solar gain in summer and let it through in winter.

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Solar glazing blocks solar gain in summer...

... and lets them through in winter.

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Our solutions limit the overheating of buildings in summer and benefit from solar gain in winter. The result is an increase in the energy performance of buildings.

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The sunshade frames are positioned to suit your needs: it's the sun that moves, not our solutions. This fixed system guarantees maintenance-free thermal efficiency.


Simple & elegant

Our solutions are suitable for both new-build and renovation projects, with installation identical to traditional double-glazing. Sunshade blades are designed to have a limited visual and architectural impact.

Thermal study for your project

To support you in your projects, our team puts its expertise at your disposal.

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In-depth thermal study

We can meet all your building's thermal needs through more in-depth analyses and dynamic thermal simulations.

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Solar flux study

Using our tools, we carry out thermal studies focusing on solar gain facade by facade, in order to propose solutions to your building overheating problems. We can also characterize the evolution of solar reflections and their intensity to control glare on facades.

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Tracking performance

We implement instrumentation and energy consumption monitoring protocols to meet building compliance requirements (DPE, tertiary decree, etc.).

Need a customized solar protection solution?

Are you a thermal consultancy engineer?

You can carry out a simulation on your own and request an estimate via our web application.

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