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Launch of the My IMMOBLADE web application

November 2023


This application has been developed by IMMOBLADE to enable you, as a professional in the sector, to estimate your project by integrating SoliBlade and SoliArt solutions for your glazing. You'll be able to see the possible performance of your project with these solutions and request a quote.

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Calculated performance for each project

IMMOBLADE has developed an algorithm that custom-calculates the performance of SoliBlade and SoliArt products, depending on the location and orientation of the façade. This enables us to generate a performance report consisting of a summary page and a detailed page for each product on each facade. You'll find details on :


  • Our performance: light transmission, solar factor, thermal transmittance and acoustic values;

  • Our technical characteristics: thickness and weight

24-hour quote

You'll soon receive a complete quotation containing all the information you've entered. You can now place an order by returning the signed quotation (or order form) in the "Project follow-up" section.

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